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Altering Your Mental Images

Altering Your Mental Images
Altering Your Mental Images

Thoughts can be experienced as mental representations: internal pictures, sounds, and words. By exploring, shifting, and developing these, you can affect the way you think and feel about both yourself and your life.

Making Positive Pictures

To feel more positive in the short term, try changing the content of your mental images. Change by adding: see your scary boss with polka-dot boxers over his pants. Take away: in a stressful and hectic office, picture your desk on a sunny, deserted beach. See behind a facade: hear your worst enemy confessing how insecure he or she is. Put up a barrier: think of yourself surrounded by a bubble that protects you from problems. The things you envisage in your mind’s eye will not automatically happen, but changing your inner view of reality will make you feel better and more able to achieve a good outcome.

Tapping Your Unconscious

Visualization involves allowing your mental images to extend into a kind of internal movie. This technique is useful if you want to make a decision, envisage a goal, or take the first step toward achieving a goal. Playing out a situation in your mind can raise your creativity, change your emotional state, help you focus, or reduce tension. Create a clear image of what you want to explore, then run the movie, noticing what happens and how you feel. If what you are seeing starts to feel negative, let the images go and slowly return to the present: speed your breathing up, stretch, and open your eyes.
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